Rustic Hills Club History

In the early 1950’s, Amos Mears, a developer of Industrial Parkways, had a pig farm on 400-500 acres in Medina, OH.   He decided that with the land he wasn’t using, he would be better off selling it to corporations so they could offer corporate housing to employees. Then, when I-71 came through, it was decided that River Styx would divide Amos’ land.


By 1962, Georgia-Pacific Housing Association awarded Mr. Mears the award for Finest Housing District in the United States.  Rustic Hills Country Club became known as a “Bottle Club” where members would keep their own bottles at the club.  Not knowing what to do with the remaining land, Amos sold it to Tony Pivato, who leveled the land, and with Lou Perry, developed the golf course.


After many of the United Airlines' employees moved out of the development, and with only 33 members left, the club was going bankrupt.  Although many members tried to band together to buy the club, Jack Holland, a current member, was fearful that many of those members wouldn’t have the money to sustain the club.  Fearful that Jack and his wife, Pat, would lose the many friendships they had made through the years if the club closed; decided to put forth an offer and buy the club.  Before even having a chance to go to the bank, the members voted that Jack Holland should purchase the club, which he did in 1985.


After nearly 40 years of being a private country club, Rustic Hills was made semi-private.  We are so proud of our Fireside Restaurant and golf course, that we do not want to be known as “Medina’s best kept secret” any longer.  We want our community to know what we offer and we invite everyone to join and enjoy.


Fifty years later, Rustic Hills is known as a local family business located on River Styx Road in Medina, OH.  Jack and Pat Holland still live within a quarter mile of the club in the home they built in 1966.  The Holland Family, now in its third generation, enjoy providing a family meeting place for the community, and look forward to continuing for many, many years to come.

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